Control number 21-12-2925-UED-2Q4
In-house evaluation A (unused / exhibited)
B (Beauty product)
C (good product)
→ D (repair required)
E (junk item)
Product status
There are cracks, chips, paint dripping, and repair marks.
The tow hook was drilled and attached.
Please repair or paint before use.
Conformity relationship
Car name Skyline GT-R
Vehicle model BNR34
Special notes * The rear bumper is compatible with normal mufflers and IMPUL blast mufflers.
Fitting when a muffler other than the above is installed is out of the applicable range.
Diversion to other vehicles It is not always possible to install it as it is.
Processing or parts replacement may be required.
Product Details
Manufacturer IMPUL
Color Color No. Unknown / Gray
Material FRP
Remarks All accessories are shown in the image.

Since it is difficult to keep track of all missing parts, we may ask you to prepare additional parts as needed.

Consumables such as stays, bolts, and nuts are not basically included, so please prepare them as needed.