Control number 21-12-3079-KAT-2G4
In-house evaluation A (unused / exhibited)
B (Beauty product)
→ C (good product)
D (repair required)
E (junk item)
Product status
I think the condition is good.
There are some scratches and scratches.
There are no noticeable cracks or damage to the mounting part, and there is no problem with mounting.

If you are interested, please paint it before use.
Conformity relationship
Car name Skyline GT-R
Vehicle model BCNR33
Diversion to other vehicles It is not always possible to install it as it is.
Processing or parts replacement may be required.
Product Details
Manufacturer genuine
Color Color No. Unknown / Silver
Remarks All accessories are shown in the image.

Since it is difficult to keep track of all missing parts, we may ask you to prepare additional parts as needed.

Consumables such as stays, bolts, and nuts are not basically included, so please prepare them as needed.

Due to the limited number of photos posted regarding the condition, it is not possible to post all the bad parts.
Please bid only for those who can understand.
Shipping etc.
Shipping classification
Delivery company: Sagawa Express
Bundled: × Pick-up: × Cash on delivery: ◯ Time zone designation: ◯

In the case of cash on delivery, a separate cash on delivery fee of 440 yen (tax included) will be charged.