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Believe this is the cheapest available on this forum.

can supply any other VOLK / RAYS /ADVAN etc wheel cheaper than any other.

As launched at the TAS 2014 show, these wheels are ace!

(I have seen them upclose and the quality & detail is amazing)

Colours are lovely and suit the R35 GTR very well.

2 main colours are below.

We have spoken to Volk/Rays locally, here in Japan and therefore can offer these wheels for the following prices.

£2, 750shipped from Japan including taxes and delivery to your door.

Quick turn around time***8230;wheels shipped via Air Freight from Japan.

Colour option in either Bronze or Matt Blue Gunmetal is included in the price

Package from Newera Japan is:​

1 set of R35 Wheels

sizes 20 x 9.5 +28 (x2 wheels) & 20 x 10.5 +22 (x2 wheels)

Colour option included at no additional cost

In order to proceed please pm me

locking nuts and other rays items can be supplied at additional minimal cost on these orders.

Thank you
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