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Brass disc manufactured with 'RAYS' lettering etched into the surface for use with LMGT1 & LMGT2 type wheels / centre caps.

The disc is made of brass, 0.9mm thick, approx 39.7mm diameter.

The text 'RAYS' is etched into the surface.

The discs are supplied with a protective clear film on 1 side which can be peeled off.

The discs where made to fit into 3D printed centre caps that where made.

These discs are now surplus to the project.

You may have to reduce the diameter of the disc to fit into your centre caps - you need to check the diameter of your caps before ordering. The diameter of this brass disc is approx 39.7mm.

Prices vary on quantity - approx £10 each - see Ebay listing for more details & photographs etc.

Can ship UK & worldwide.


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