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For sale are six brand new Bosch Injectors EV 6 CS (high impedance 12 Ohm, top feed).

These come with matching plugs and custom made top hat adapters to suit all RB engines.

RB20DET & RB25DET NEO - plug & play
RB25DET - you will need a Greddy/Freddy Inlet Manifold + top feed rail
RB26DETT - you only have to remove the injector ballast (done in five minutes, see pictures, you will also need to do this when using injector dynamic injectors)

Be aware that injector dynamic injectors (all the rage right now) are just relabeled Bosch injectors and also require top hat adapters and new plugs.

These injectors were originally used by Porsche in the 996 Turbo GT2 (480hp) and other models.

Bosch part number 0280156012, max. 8 bar fuel pressure. These injectors are designed to work with various fuel pressures, hence the performance simply depends on the fuel pressure:

453cc @ 43.5 psi/3 Bar (standard-pressure), max. ~400hp,
480cc @ 49 psi/3.4 Bar, max. ~450hp,
555cc @ 65 psi/4.5 Bar, max. ~500hp,
600cc @ 76 psi/5.2 Bar max. ~550hp,
640cc @ 87 psi/6 Bar, max. ~600hp!!

A good and matching fuel pressure regulator is the "FSE Motorsport 6 Bar" here or here.

Datasheet downloadable here.

Every mapper can work with these injectors, same performance and quality as Nismo injectors but just way cheaper.

Price is GBP 299,00 just half of what I paid for them - bargain!.

Please contact me by private message if you are interested.


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