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--RB OEM coilpacks (+oem bracket) fitment on RB20/RB26 no cracks etc, very good state + RB OEM ignition amplifier fitment for rb20/RB26 100 euro EX sending

--R32 trunk lid white, needs paint 50euro
--R32 rearwheel hubs (the same as R33 GTST) no bearings in them 100 euro

no prize set :
--RB25 trottle body
--RB TPS sensor
--RB20 OEM crank pulley, waterpump pulley.
--RB20 OEM fuel rail + OEM fpr
--RB25 intake pipe where the BOV comes on
--R32 GTST hood lock + bracket
--R32 OEM clutch lines etc
--R32 OEM heater matrix tubing
--R32 OEM tunnel brace
--R32 OEM battery hold down plate

when i come more across in the garage what i don't need anymore, i will ad onto the list here.
Sending all around the world is no problem, exspecially uk is no problem.
sending costs for buyer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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