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hi there..
can someone tell me where is rb20det injector fuse?is rb20det injector have fuse?im confuse...normaly when turn CAS(distributor)with hand theres a injector clicking sound and coil got spark...mine does not hear injector clicking but coil spark ok..CAS conector use 4 pin rite?which is for 120°,1°,power, ground..what happen if ground wire remains 2-3small wire left(what to break)can it cause injector not function(clicking)?
how to direct rb20det injector to 12v batery?how to bypass injector and how to bypass CAS grounding wire from ecu to directly to body(earth)?
why cannot set CAS to standard position which is in the middle,if set to middle engine no power,cannot rev and cannot idling at all..if set it to either fully clockwise and fully counter-clockwise engine ok..full retard or advance engine can rev..ive check halfmoon pin,cam and crankshaft timing,belting all ok..what the problem?
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