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Platinum Racing Products
If you need to inquire about this part please email us at [email protected] or click on the icon.
  • RB26 or any OEM 4WD RB Block select PREC26P-4WD
  • RB26 and have removed and welded the OEM RB26 diff housing off the sump to make it 2WD select PREC26P-2WD
  • RB26 with RB25 2WD Sump Dry Sump Setup select PREC30D-2WD
  • RB25 with OEM RB25 2WD Wet Sump Setup select PREC30D-2WD
  • RB25 with OEM RB26 4WD Sump cut to be used as a 2WD Wet Sump select PREC30W-4WD

RB25 with OEM RB26 2WD Dry Sump select PREC30D-4WD
This Platinum Racing Engine Cradle (PREC) has been constructed from hi-grade aircraft quality billet aluminum and the product has several features that benefits
Over and above converting your 2wd RB/RD engine block to 4wd. With the kit provided and after a few modifications, a standard GTR type sump will bolt straight on.
The Platinum Brace overlays and supports the factory main cap cradle, and main
Main Caps cease walking!, have you ever noticed shiny mating surfaces of your block and main caps? The mains are walking and moving enough to polish the mating surfaces. The platinum block brace ties in the OEM cap cradle and stops the walk
The platinum cradle is therefore cost effective as it also does NOT utilize the standard main bolts as a place of attachment requiring spacers etc. The standard main girdle is a great design and should be retained as a one-piece item, then strengthened with the PREC, as main bearing cap walk, or movement, may be experienced otherwise.
There is also a valid argument for the use of a similar metal when it comes to the main caps and expansion / contraction of dissimilar metals when you consider a billet cap., different metals expand at different rates, Cast Iron blocks should have cast iron main caps.
Aftermarket diffs crack blocks! its a fact, the Platinum Block brace will not only stop block twist, but stops the diff snapping the block under load, energy is dissipated through your 40mm thick integrated and webbed brace, blocks cracking and snapping become a thing of the past!
Please contact us for any questions.
RB26, RB25


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With the kit provided and after a few modifications, a standard GTR type sump will bolt straight on.
Please forgive Me if these product fitment questions below sound at all stupid, But Could You be a bit more specific about all of the modifications required to fit this on to a BCNR33's Engine Please?

In regards to Your "RB26 or any OEM 4WD RB Block select PREC26P-4WD Kit"...Does the Standard Nissan Oil Pick-Up Pipe then need to be cut & welded (in other Word's extended) to make sure its placement is further down into the 4WD Alloy Sump to compensate for the PRP Block Brace's added thickness when fitted to an RB26 Block? And if So, How much longer is the safe extension requirement length/size for the OEM Nissan RB26 Oil Pick-Up Pipe?

Secondly, For those Who've already got the Trust/Greddy extended GT-R Sumps....

These welded on Sump extensions do sit quite low on/under the Skyline. So, Does the fitment of a PREC26P-4WD Billet Block Brace significantly increase the risk of damaging this type of aftermarket RB26 Sump extension because the PRP Block Brace's thickness will cause this specific Trust/Greddy modification to sit so much lower in the vehicle than it currently does? Possibly placing it further in harms way to random Road debris and any other sort of detritus?? Thanks in advance!

Best Regards, K66 SKY! :)
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