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well im currently trying to "chirp up" the RB25DET in my R32, which currently has the following relevant parts -

large fuel pump, fuel reg, greddy intake, GTR intercooler, greddy TD06-20g 12cm turbo, external w/g

so with the addition of -

Z32 MAF, 550s or 720s (thoughts welcomed), Q45 throttle (thoughts welcomed again) and power FC

what kind of cam duration should i be thinking about? im on a series 2 engine, but im pretty sure this presents no problem when fitting step 1 256/256 or 264/264 cams. but to keep response, do i simply cut the valve gap by running the 256s? or cut a little deeper and open her up with the 264s?

afaik the engine internals are standard, however, the car is a bit of a missile running only 0.7 (when i picked it up) which might indicate higher compression than normal. anyone know any tricks to get a look at the HG front around the front of the engine to work out if its aftermarket? i've not had the chance to compression test the engine yet, but fingers x'd its ok.

anyway, any thoughts on the next steps i take are appreciated. its been some time since i've owned a skyline and im still giddy to be back in one! :)

oh the car is for "drifting" sorry! :p so response and torque are the key factors for tuning.


Mitto :runaway:
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