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I have for sale a GTS R33 engine 2.5 litre single turbo RB25DET
This is the bare engine without attachments so is minus the turbo , manifold, starter etc etc Basically you get the block & head as a unit minus all else

The engine is in running order but I am fitting a replacement to the car as the engine became very noisy at the top end with tappet noise.
A look through the oil filler suggests that the cams are not receiving adequate lubrication even though the oil pressure is good.
Probably a blockage somewhere starving the head of oil

Any one care to make an offer ?
Should be available within next 10 days after it is removed from car

I shall also advertise it elsewhere and will sell to highest bidder

Delivery might be possible either on my trailer if local ( Portsmouth area) or on a pallet by carrier at your cost.

Interested parties can contact me on [email protected]
please note however I shall be away from 29th july to August 3rd inclusive so cannot reply between these dates.

Mike Crawley 02392251705
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