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I'm dropping in an RB25DET into my s13 coupe. I already have a Walrbo 255 fuel pump, Z32 fuel filter, will be installing the Greddy intake plenum w/adapter to utilize the stock RB25 throttle body (no need for 90mm just yet), will be purchasing the Greddy/Trust intercooler kit for the s13 Silvia (i have the front end conversion) so all I'll have to do is some slight modding to get the piping to fit the RB, going to run the stock KA radiator for right now b/c i can run my A/C still. I'm going to upgrade to either a Griffin or Fluidyine in a few months along with the appropriate fans so that I can retain my A/C in the car. As of right now I'm going to be running the Exedy Stage 2 cerametallic full face clutch and pressure plate (no need to spend $1200 for a twin plate just yet), going to run the R33 GTS-T VLSD and axles (my J30 diff is not up to par), I will also be swapping over the ECR33 rear brake setup to make my Z32 front brake swap and then install my Endless blank rotors and SSS pads. I already have an Apex-i SAFC II and AVC-R just to get myself a nice tune on the stock setup, hope to be running a Haltech setup within the next year or so (then finish the power upgrades).

Anybody have any suggestions for things that I should do before dropping the RB into my s13? I'm doing a timing belt since the RB is at 103xxx km but I'm going to do a compression test before I go and order a new headgasket, no need to spend the money on a head gasket job if compression is strong. I'm planning on running Redline Shock Proof for my tranny and diff. When the RB was in my Skyline 5th gear would grind every once in a while on the highways, regardless of how it was engaged (slow, fast, soft, hard) but I'm not too worried about it just yet.

I'll be sure to post up pictures of the swap once its completed. The shop is going to be making custom engine mounts in order to utilize the R33 cross member and a 1 piece driveshaft that centers the shifter right in the middle of the floor pan.

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