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HI All

New owner here.... A lovely facelift R33 GTS-T that was on ebay till yesterday. I bought it with a duff turbo and this afternoon I started learning how to dismantle a skyline engine :) Thankfully everything came apart nicely and I have one utterly buggered turbo on the workshop floor. Oily intake, I think I should take out the intercooler so find out how much ended up in that, and the shaft is rock solid. The exhaust turbine is visibly bonked to one side. I've posted this in the wanted section but I'm really keen to find a boggo standard original replacement. I'd imagine so many of these get swapped off for upgrades that there should be some kicking around. If you were going to use it for an exchange unit, mine'll be fine for that and you're welcome to it!

Also discovered the lambda sensor wasn't plugged in. Doh!
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