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noticed the r33 sounded very grumpy last night, was missing at idle and misfireing under light load while cold, seemed to drive ok once warm but idle was till very grumpy.

feels fine on boost no loss of power felt.

so I started it up this morning and it sounded like a Scooby !
on pulling number 1 coilpack it made no difference at all its not firing at idle at all just on number 1!

i checked all the other cylinders and there all firing, so i swapped number 1 with number 3 coil pack, then spark plug and finally injector, i changed them one at a time and restarted each time and its still not firing on number 1 still.
i also checked number 1 coil with the plug in and i have spark.

the strange thing is if im revving it from around 2000 rpm upwards its firing on number 1 as when i disconnect the coilpack i can hear it go from running perfect and smooth to grumpy as ****.

im thinking most likely a valve that is open enough to not let it fire at idle, but once the revs increase slightly and the compression isn't escapeing quick enough its still firing.

i will comp test next just thought id put this up incase anyone thinks of something ive missed.
pretty peeved tbh havnt used it much since being set up after manifold sorted, cambelt done and retuned and just done bottom pulley, i may consider an r35 if the engines gotta be pulled and just break it.
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