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RB26DET: Oiling system questions.

The car:
1992 USDM, LHD, S-13 Silvia/240SX
RWD converted via RB25DET transmission
Greddy T-78, single turbo conversion
JE pistons
Eagle rods

Current oiling system plan:
Modified RB26DETT oil pan (pics below)
Tomei oil sump
Tomei crank collar
N1 oil pump
Tomei oil restrictor
drain from the rear of the head to the oil pan
Greddy sandwich adapter
oil cooler

My questions:
Will the N1 pump be sufficient?
Should I swap the stock pump gears with a set of Reimax gears?
Should I sell the N1 and upgrade to a higher end oil pump?
If I should upgrade, what brand? Reimax? Greddy? HKS? Tomei? JUN?
Any suggestions on an oil cooler?
Where do I plumb the Accu-sump?
Where is the best place on the pan to plumb the drain from the head?

The car will mainly be a street car, not a daily driver...just a weekend warrior. It may see some drag time, but very little. I'd like to make 600-700rwhp.

Thanks again for any help and opinions, I appreciate any info or input.

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There are quite a few threads on this subject ongoing at the moment.

Search under N1 oil pump, oiling mods etc.

Th general consensus seem to be if you are going to drag and rev high, go for a better oil pump than the N1 with the make in highest regard being the Tomei pump.

With the Tomei and other hgher flow pumps you need to make sure you restict the flow to the head, try to improve flow down from the head and fit a deeper sump.

Kismetcaptan on here has done all the appropriate mods for a aaatomei pump, so search for his mods incl Accusump or PM him, I'm sure he'll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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I searched a good bit (didn't search N1, admitedly...not sure why), I found a lot of opinions and not much actual experience, thank you for referring Kismetcaptan...much appreciated.
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