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Ok, I am now selling the whole shell for anyone who wants a cheap replacement RB26DETT and gearbox.

It comes with a 62k mile RB26DETT, totally standard and was in excellent health. It did not smoke, lose oil or coolant, no hesitation or lack of power. Turbos have not spooled past 0.7 bar, no sign of any boost controller fitted when I got the car after it was imported. The car has not been thrashed when it cold since I had the car, and I leave the car to idle 20-30 seconds before switching off.

Gear box and the remaining diffs are all in good condition, no problems with the 3rd to 4th, or 4th to 5th shift. When fully warm, the box was a joy to use.

- It also comes with an OS Giken Clutch, I suspect this is a twin plate version as its quite drivable when you get used to it.

- A 3 inch cat back exhaust system, unknown brand but it is in excellent condition. I was trying to take this system off to sell separate, however one of the old bolts is quite rusted and I have given up on removing the system.

- I will throw in stock GTR suspension as well as Tanabe Coilovers (coilovers already fitted at the front, with standard rears). The rear Tanabe pair was taken out as the rear passenger shock was blown its seal and requires servicing.

- The bad points are is the front end damage on the car has crushed the radiator, the viscious fan and has dislocated the fan belt. By the looks of it, a rew rad, fan and maybe the water pump will need replacing, although new waterpumps can be bought easily for £50, not sure about the fan though. There are also no blow off valves as these have been sold.

Whoever is interested in this will need to arrange for pick-up of the shell, but I am willing to sell this car for a very competitive price. Most would sell the motor alone for quite a amount of money, for very close to that money you will get much more with it.

I will accept offers around the £2800 mark, feel free to PM me to negotiate.

P.S I will not break anymore parts from the car. Thank you.
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