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Just wondering if this was a good setup,
Cometic MLS 88mm headgasket
Tomei poncams 264degrees / Supertech valve springs
Nitto RB26 Oilpump
Timing belt HKS
ATI Balancerpulley / N1 waterpump
Main/conrod bearings ACL race series
Fuelrail modification org to AN thread
Injectors ID 1000cc (tested) / adapters
ARP Main and Headstud kit
Exhaust manifold SST customized
Shim valves for cams (24x)
Plasma Direct coil packs
Garrett GTX3582r T4
Nissan Tensioner and idler pulley
NGK Iridium #8 plugs & thermostat 67 degrees
Bore & Hone RB26 block
Stem seals cilinderhead 24x & seals F+R
Balancing cranck (3e party)
RB26 N1 U24 bare short block
HKS Adj. cam pulley in-ex
Clutch Exedy tripple carbon-D

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I'd throw in a ported head and a real crank trigger kit.
And I wouldn't pay more for the hks timing belt, just run OEM.
And if the coils are expensive I'd run vag coils instead. Cheap and very good.
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