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to try and help me make up my mind im going to offer my rb30 bits up for grabs!
i bought these as a project !
1x rb30 block as removed from a road car but it has had some work carried out on it ie all head bolts have been drilled out for m12 oil drains have been drilled out larger the top idler has been repotioned!
1x crank this has a run bearing so will need a grind or sorce another crank!
1x cam belt kit with pulleys new
1x oil pump drive to be fitted to the crank new
1x set of standard rods 1 needs work as it was the run bearing one
1x set of stanard piston
i payed £680 for it and £680 is what i want for it no offers!
if it doesnt sell i will carry on with this route and use it!
so help me make up my mind because i cant!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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