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It finally happened. I blew the engine on my R33 a couple of weeks ago, which gives me a perfect excuse to build an RB34 with either a V-Cam or VCT retrofit to RB26 head. I'm not looking for massive power figures, 700-800bhp @crank will suffice just fine; streetability, response and wide usable rpm range are the primary goals. The car currently has a Holinger 6spd transmission. It's been more than adequate for 712bhp of the HKS 2.7l engine (R.I.P.) but I'm not too fond of dog boxes for daily driving so it'll have to go.

I've got plenty of time, it'll take at least 6-10 months before the engine is built and bodyshell restored, but I've already started thinking about my transmission options. We're talking about at least 600ftlbs+ of torque, most likely over 700, over a wide rpm range and even at medium-throttle shift points. Those are transmission killing figures.

The car will not be drag raced. No track days either, I have other cars for that. I may occasionally launch it hard with street tires, on street asphalt, but that won't be very common. No powershifting or other questionable antics either.

So: does R34 Getrag stand a chance? I insist on having a synchromesh box if at all possible.
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