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Hi there.
i have just blown up my engine @ the nurburg and need i re-build.
apparently my car (1996 r33 gtr, v-spec) was not mapped properly. it has been suggested piston No.6 has gone due to detonation.
i am looking to install some forged pistons, uprated con rods and a metal head gasket -. i want a VERY reliable 450bhp. it will need a full map as well.

the car seems to have been uprated in many ways already, including:-
Exedy triple plate clutch,
HKS straight through exhaust
HKS induction, filters & hard pipes
HKS racing intercooler
HKS 264 cams & wheels
HKS oil cooler
trust baffled sump
HKS F-con Pro ECU
MINES attessa ECU
Garret N1 turbos
greddy profec 2 boost controller & recoed unit

can you give me a budgetary price for the re-build & mapping? will it produce the BHP figure i have quoted? will the re-build be warrantied?

you can call me directly to discuss if required on 07734 791 216

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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