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Re: hi lee

IAN M said:

as for a certain person saying "look at all the help you have had here "
Yeah, i said that because you were going on about how bad the forums were, YET you were receiving help and advice in a good natured way in a thread on the same day.

I didn't in any way mean that you are a newbie to Skylines. As you've already said, you've been around Skylines for a long time, so fair play to ya.

I'm glad you're in a better mood today anyways. To be honest, i was feeling the pressure yesterday too, hence why i was so quick to pick an argument with you.

Anyways, no offence intended. Have a good day! :)

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as blow dog said
you will get idiots on here .
so i will appoligise if i upset any one , i was having a bad day because of the following.
a car dealer i do work for ( kia ) phoned me yesterday and said the following
ian i have 5 kia sedona going out to a cab/hire firm buy friday and they need the following
1 5 x cat one alarms
2 5 x reverse/parking snensors
3 5 x dvd palyers , roof mount screen and headphones
4 5 x vdo satnav systems
anyway good money
upon reflection perhaps it was a good day yesterday

i amy be able to buy my front mount , boost contoler etc :D :D :D
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