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Below is a thread taken from the Skylines Australia forum on the above.

I've just tried this on my GTR, and it works a treat, the error it showed was No 12 - Air Flow Metre, so at least I now know why I still have the stalling and hesitation, so AFM's out tomorrow.

There were 2 pictures of the diagnostic plug included in this thread, but unfortunatly they didn't copy over.

Reading Nissan ECU Fault Codes,

now this post is going to explain to you in 15 minutes that took me days on end to work out searching through hundreds of websites and pages ripping out my hair nearly. due to my skyline running like an old morris minor running on three cylinders and using buckets of petrol just to go to the shop to get smokes damm it, and the gearbox which is an auto was doing random things it had'nt done before, so as i did'nt want to spend any money diagnosing these problems due to the amount you can spend putting these little jiggers on a dyno, So i started thinking back to my old sss pulsar days when you would just pull out a plug leading from the little black box under the passengers seat, grab a piece of wire and just bridge two of the ports and the error codes would just flash out on the check engine light on the dash! So after finding a post on the net about the skyline codes, I read you just take of the kick panel on the passenger side floor undo a few nuts and remove the Ecu and look for one or two led's and a small screw you can turn clockwise and anti clockwise to make the codes function for you now if this relates to your ECU here are a few links I found all about these types of ecu's *INFO* Checking your Skyline for its ecu fault Codes - GTRCanada - Canada's premier skyline enthusiasts club , .

which is not what im writing about here as my ECU is an genuine Aftermarket type which does not have the two led's or small adjusting screw so where too from here I thought then after sifting through tonnes of info i came up with the theory below which takes three minutes to diagnose and clear all faults to reset computer which = top performance!!! so read on below and see how you go with this you will be suprised and you don't even need to touch the ecu behind the passengers kick panel and best of all it's free. oh besides the paper clip haha!!

Reading Nissan Fault Codes
Nissan ECU's allow you to read any stored fault codes without any specialist equipment.

Below will show how you can read yours. The orientation of the plug may vary so please make sure you are looking at the plug the right way up before you try this on your car.

First of all you need to obtain the consult diagnostic plug location. This us usually in the same area as the fuse box. located drivers side near right knee under dashboard.

Below is a typical example of what you are looking for.

Once you have located the consult plug you then need to grab yourself a short piece of wire or a paper clip.

Please read all the following instructions in full before you attempt to carry a fault code read out.

Switch the ignition to the ON position but do not start the car.
Depending on its orientation of the consult plug (see below) bridge the two lower left, or upper right pins on the consult plug with the wire paper clip for 2 seconds then remove the bridge.

Observe and write down the sequence of flashed produced by the engine check light on the dash. using the information provided above.
Once you are satisfied you have all the fault codes bridge the consult pins again and this will erase any stored fault codes and revert the ECU back its normal operation.
Understanding the fault code readout:

ECU fault codes are usually displayed on the engine check light on the dash, and are displayed by the number of flashes as well as the speed of the flashes.

For example, an ECU showing no recorded faults will display code 55. The first digit is shown as 5 followed by a pause. This then followed by the second digit. This is shown as 5 short flashes. Thus Code 55 - all clear.

Listed below are the fault codes for the skyline

11 - Crank Angle Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor
12 - Air Flow Meter
13 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
14 - Vehicle Speed Sensor
21 - Ignition Signal
22 - Fuel Pump
23 - Idle Switch
24 - Throttle Valve Switch
25 - Idle Speed Control Valve
26 - Boost Pressure Sensor
27 -
28 - Cooling Fan Circuit
29 -
30 -
31 - ECM
32 - EGR Function
33 - Heated Oxygen Sensor
34 - Knock Sensor
35 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
36 - EGR Control-Back Pressure Transducer
37 - Knock Sensor
38 - Right hand bank Closed Loop (B2)
41 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor
42 - Fuel Temperature Sensor
43 - Throttle Position Sensor
45 - Injector Leak
47 - Crankshaft Position Sensor
51 - Injector Circuit
53 - Oxygen Sensor
54 - A/T Control
55 - No Malfunction
63 - No. 6 Cylinder Misfire
64 - No. 5 Cylinder Misfire
65 - No. 4 Cylinder Misfire
66 - No. 3 Cylinder Misfire
67 - No. 2 Cylinder Misfire
68 - No. 1 Cylinder Misfire
71 - Random Misfire
72 - TWC Function right hand bank
76 - Fuel Injection System Function right hand bank
77 - Rear Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit
82 - Crankshaft Position Sensor
84 - Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Communication Line
87 - Canister Control Solenoid Valve Circuit
91 - Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit right hand bank
94 - TCC Solenoid Valve
95 - Crank Position Cog
98 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
101 - Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit right hand bank
103 - Park/Neutral Position Switch Circuit
105 - EGR and EGR Canister Control Solenoid Valve Circuit
108 - Canister Purge Control Valve Circuit
111 - Inhibitor Switch
112 - Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor
113 - Automatic Transmission 1st Signal
114 - Automatic Transmission 2nd Signal
115 - Automatic Transmission 3rd Signal
116 - Automatic Transmission 4th Signal
118 - Automatic Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve A
121 - Automatic Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve B
123 - Automatic Transmission Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve
124 - Automatic Transmission TOR Conv Solenoid Valve
125 - Automatic Transmission Line Pressure Solenoid
126 - Automatic Transmission Throttle Position Sensor
127 - Automatic Transmission Engine Speed Signal
128 - Automatic Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor

Important note:

Please take care if your going to carry out any such diagnostic procedure on your car and understand that this information is provided in good faith and we can accept no responsibility for any accidents, errors or inaccuracies should you decide to follow any of the information provided here. although it did work fine for me and after finding three fault codes and fixing them my skyline has never gone better. So good luck with this and just make sure you take caution when working out which ports to bridge i just faced mine upright and bridged the left hand botton two and it worked first shot.

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Great post! Followed these instructions and they worked a charm. This should be a sticky.

Few things to add:

The light that flashes is the "Cat over-temp light" next to the "open door light"

On my car (1990 R32 GTR) the consult port was fixed above the fuse box (remove the fuse box cover panel and look in the top left corner above the fuses to find it).

On my car the pins to bridge were the two in the top right hand side.

The first digit (10's) were blinked out with long flashes and the 2nd digit (units) was blinked out with short flashes.

I also noticed if I didn't clear the fault codes, but turned the ignition off and then started the car, when I drove it the "cat over-temp light" started blinking away. Not sure if it was reading codes out real time or what?
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