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Hello every one
I am having issues with my left hand rear gas strut mounting in the boot.

The bottom of the strut has a socket and this connects to the side of the car via a ball mounted on a nut.
The nut has come loose and therefore flexes as the boot is lifted up and down
where the nut is loose some paint has come off and started to show signs of rust.
I have been trying to tighten it back up - but it just spins around. I cannot access the back of the nut as it seems to be in a enclosed box section.
Has anyone else had this issue ? if so how did you fix it. The specialist that services the car just says that they all do that...
any help as I am worried its going to break...

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Mine has started doing the same although the nut is still tight. I guess it will eventually pull through and detach completely!

I think it may need a section to be cut out and re-welded as there isn't any access into that section.

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