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Here's a quick question that hopefully someone good with sparks (maybe Alan???) can answer,
The tail lights on my R32 seem a bit dim (bit like the driver ha-ha, got in before anyone else!!)
All 4 bulbs are duel filament types as it has been plumbed in so that on side light all 4 come on, and also when braking all 4 are also brake lights as well.
Is there a higher spec dual filament bulb I could use to make both brighter???
Do I run the risk of too much heat and possible meltdown??
I have checked the inside of the reflectors etc, and they seem perfectly clean with no corrosion on any of the reflective mirrors.
Any help would be mucho appreciato
:confused: :confused: :confused:

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how dim ?

Hi Wroestar.

Have the rear lights been dim ever since the conversion ?

It sounds to me that the lights have been wired in series by connecting each of the bulbs to one another.
this will make the bulbs quite a lot dimmer as you are trying to run twice as much from the same circuit.
it may be worth wiring the second set of lights back to the switch rather than the lights next to them.

I may well be well off target here but just an idea for you.


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Hi wroestar
Sorry i did not reply earlier i had to go to the good old US of A untill today
I have the same set up on my car 4 side lites and 4 brake lites
No dimness (apart from the driver)
But i agree with steve it does sound like they are wired in series and not parallel
Take one bulb out from either side and see if they get brighter this can be done with the lights on.
If they do then you need to sort out the wiring to make it a parrallel circuit.
Hope this helps
Best regards
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