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Special construction, originally a KURE racing car, now sitting at my home.
Full carbon-fibre/kevlar body shell, recently re-sprayed in Silver leaf metallic.
Perspex windows all round, black tinted.
Full roll cage, 1 seat with 4-point harness.
Total weight less than 950 kilos
2.9 litre, twin HKS hybrid turbos, polished solid pipework, variable boost upto 38 psi
Titanium lightweight pistons, rods, crank. Nitrous injection.
Specially engineered 6-speed gearbox with lightweight flywheel and Nismo triple-plate clutch
Permanent 4-wheel drive through modified diff., electronic torque splitter.
Twin exhausts, each 3.5 in made from insulated steel downpipes, carbon fibre mid section, polished s/s rears. Suspension and shocks are nismo.
18inch BBS split-rims with goodyear rubbers. Brembos/race formula pads.
All design and components were manufactured in Japan.
Immaculate condition. Very low mileage. BHP unknown (dynos are incapable of measuring it’s output.)

Don’t even ask about the 0 to 60 time or quarter-mile ‘cos you wouldn’t believe it.
I might be tempted to sell if the price is right.

I understand the car has travelled at more than 240 mph ...

Pity it's just a plastic model.....


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wipe your chin....

It just goes to prove one thing....even though we all have fantastic cars...which would be most people's dream to own, we still have the capability to desire something better!

Boys and their toys...tut!!
What are we like..

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