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Priced at £200 plus Postage

Product Description

Most Motorsport teams connect a slave battery to their cars when starting the engine to conserve onboard power. We can provide you with a portable power pack, the same that is used by vehicle recovery companies such as the AA. This has high levels of performance, safety, durability and is supplied with an Anderson plug for ease of use and fast connectivity.

Voltage: 12V

Cranking Current: 700A

Output Connector: 1.5m cable with crocodile clips

Weight: 10Kg

Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 345 x 125 x 320

Case Material: Polyethylene

Safety Features: Dedicated 2A charger, on/off isolator switch, surge protection circuits

Red Flash 650 Grid Start Power Pack which is ideal for connecting to a race car either in the pits, on the grid or in the garage at home, conserving vital onboard battery power.

Utilisation of the same A.G.M. (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology, within the Red Flash 650 Grid Start Power Pack, found in our Varley Red Top™ Racing Batteries, provides the ability to harness large amounts of power from a pack weighing 10Kg. It has a number of safety features such as an isolator key switch, ideal for safe transportation of the pack and also protection circuits, which will protect your ECU from current surges.The Red FlashTM 650 Grid Start Power

Pack comes complete with a 2A Multi Stage Mains Charger to ensure that your pack is recharged as fast and efficiently as possible. The 25mm² cables are welding grade and so have a very low resistance, allowing very high amounts of current to flow.
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