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Hi guys,

I have found this repair bench measurements pdf in the german skyline forum but unfortunately it is in Japanese.
Now, even though the arrows are pretty clear and in the description it says what hole to choose for the measurements, there are some lengths which in my opinion are either wrong or the description is wrong (e.g. length 11 which point from "j" to "k" which apparently should be an 8.5x11mm and 8mm hole). Somehow I'm not pretty sure if I have a good reference for the "k" or "j" hole as there is one hole where I manage to read the distance of 566mm and in my opinion this "k" hole is not 8mm diameter but bigger.

So, is there any good soul out there that is grateful enough and translate this document into English please? Would be very nice!

Unfortunately the file is too large for this forum so I have uploaded it to sendspace:
Download R32 Richtbankwerte.pdf from - send big files the easy way

Thank You!

Best wishes,
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