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The rear shelf on the R33 comes out without too much hassle :)

Remove the backrest, by undoing the two bolts either side at the bottom, which can be reached by pressing down on the squab at the rear corners and you'll see the bolts going through the backrest brackets into the rear firewall, push the seatback upwards to release it from the hooks which hold it inplace.

Now for a little bit of destructive improvisation, it will save you hours though. The rear plastic trims coming down from the sides of the screen pass through the shelf at the back corner, you need to cut the tangs which pass through the shelf with a stanley knife. Cut them on hte underside of the shelf, nobody will notice you've done it ;)

Now use a large flat screw driver, and push it between the shelf and the center bracket to lever the shelf up out of the clips. Have a look at the underside of the shelf from the boot space, you'll see the ends of the clips pushing through.

Now pull the shelf towards you, pushing down at the ends, and up in the middle to clear the respective clips, and take it away.
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