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Up for sale is the RIPS R32 GTR that was formally the shop drag car project. As far as I know this is the Lightest R32 GTR even built at around 450KG without motor and box in.

The car has just been stored since I have owned it. No work was done due to my focus being a new business. Further business opportunity mean its come time to sell up the toys.

The car is complete with fiberglass body, chromolly tig welded roll cage, tube front with McPherson struts and tube rear end. It has a lightened steel roof, factory chassis rails and floor. It has $5000NZD worth of Bilstien suspension included with the car. Its taken 100's of hours of work to get it to this stage and is an awesome base for a very serious race car.

Its designed to be able to fit any RB engine as well as VH41, VH45, VR38 and VK56.

I also have $1000's of brand new parts that can go with the car depending on what you want to do with it. These parts include:

2000hp rated Garrett cored water to air intercooler.
Peterson R4 4 stage Dry sump pump with Rear Drive
Tilton Pedal Box
Weld Racing Wheels
Goodyear Eagle Tyres
Mag Wheels and Tyres for rolling around. (nothing wrong with them)
B & M Pro Ratchet Shifter
Trans Cooler
Jaz Race Seat
Wilwood SuperLight Calipers and Rotors
Water Tank for Water to air intercooler
DJ Saftey Parachute
Plus more stuff ive forgetten that Ill update later.

Price for the car including the suspension and wheels its rolling on is 9500 UK Pounds. Any extra parts required will alter the price but a good deal will be had. I can have worldwide shipping arranged at a good rate or the car can be finished by RIPS. (the car is in the same city as RIPS currently).

PM me for further information.

There is tonnes more photos in the album here: R32 GTR pictures by Bradj32 - Photobucket
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