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what Saturday can you make it?

  • August 3rd

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • August 10th

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • August 17th

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • August 24th

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • August 31st

    Votes: 3 23.1%
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Please poll on a suitable date for the Rolling Road to take place at G-Force Motorsport in Aylesbury.

This rolling road is said to be the most accurate in the UK, can take upto 1800hp and measures hp at the WHEELS within a tolerance of 1-2 hp max but DOES NOT measure power at the flywheel. If anyone has had their car tested previously and would like to reconfirm the power or test again after recent or upcoming mods then this is the place to do it.

This day will be limited to the first 25 members of the board to attend and confirm on a first come basis. It may be able to squeeze some further cars in nearer the time due to cancellations and time on the day etc but be quick in any event.

It would be nice to finally see some bigger horsepower cars take up the event now that they are finished to show them a few 500+ hp at the wheels.

This event will also be used to select the 5 most powerful of skylines on the register/ in the UK to take part in a final day later in the year to go up against the 5 most powerful subaru's, Supras, etc etc - to find the most powerful road car in the UK.

Please poll the date just for now and I shall start a new Thread regarding whos coming/details in a few days time, just need a suitable date for now. For those whom do not intend on running thier cars on the day but may attend, please reserve your poll for those that will seriously run to ensure that we get the correct date as it would be nice to get the most powerful skyline the title of most powerful car in the UK.

Gonna be good..........

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The MLR just ran an RR day at G-Force - excellent facility, professional people - top day - dont miss it.


I assume some of the Evo posse can come along to watch - considering you guys gatecrashed our day - then blew everyones figs apart with yours and Garys Skylines !! :(

Have you downloaded any of those pics I sent you yesterday onto this site ?


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Just spoke earlier to the Sun Tanned Giant with Big Hairy Paws (BHP) currently soaking up the sun at 80 degrees drinking cool ones on the Italian riviera.

Henry says to count him in for this as a definite.

Same as Guy, and Me any date but the third.
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