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might be of interest!

(all figures @ flywheel)

Tony Pearman – Lotus Elise- Honda Vtec Type R conversion, custom exhaust, air filter, AEM Ecu.
215bhp 160ft/lb

Chris M- Toyota Celica GT4 ST205
Hybrid turbo, Power FC, Sard injectors, ERL water injection, Blitz boost control, Blitz filter, 3” downpipe and exhaust
335 bhp 325ft/lb

Ian Briggs Toyota Celica GT4 ST205
Apexi exhaust, filter, slight boost increase, std car otherwise.
279bhp 240ft/lb

Karl Bentham Impreza RB5 MY99
Harvey headers/up pipe/fmic, magnex exhaust, VF24, Ecutek.
325bhp 285ft/lb

Martyn Metcalfe Impreza WRX MY01
APS fmic, TD05 turbo, 565cc injectors, RCMS induction kit
402bhp 330ft/lb

Shaun Byrne Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Forged engine, HKS Turbo’s, Jun cams, 720cc injectors, Apexi power FC
512bhp 380ft/lb

Allan O’Connor Evo 5
Autronic Ecu, 3” exhaust, filter, fmic, boost controller, 1.5bar boost
348bhp 300ft/lb

Rebecca Johnson Nissan Skyline R32 GTS
Exhaust, intercooler, filter
259bhp 220ft/lb

Dave Armshaw Nissan Pulsar GTIR
Mongoose exhaust, fuel pump, E- Manage, 1 bar boost
251bhp 230ft/lb

Jim Impreza STi
Remapped, fuel pump, exhaust, filter, boost controller
340bhp 380ft/lb- highest torque figure on day

Steven Swift Impreza STi
Wing mount induction, 3” turbo back exhaust, fuel pump, ECU remap Andy F
353bhp 310ft/lb

Wayne Longley Impreza WRX STi
Wing mount induction, 3” turbo back exhaust, TD05 turbo, fuel pump, injectors, ECU remap
350bhp 300ft/lb

Damian Spencer Impreza JDM WRX STi
3” exhaust, fmic, Harvey headers/up-pipe, remapped by Bob Rawle
329bhp 300ft/lb

Claire Atkinson Impreza WRX STi UK
TD05 turbo, 3” exhaust, filter, fuel pump, Harvey headers/up-pipe, remap Andy F.
344bhp 320ft/lb

Iain Younger-Subaru Legacy
Mongoose exhaust, 3” down pipe.
242bhp 205ft/lb

John Smith Impreza MY94 WRX
2.5” straight through exhaust, ecu, filter
263bhp 245ft/lb

Craig Jordanson Impreza UK Wagon MY94
Tanabe exhaust, superchip, filter, Harvey up-pipe
286bhp 240ft/lb

Harvey Smith Impreza STi 3 Wagon
Std ecu, std fmic, std injectors, 3” Revolution exhaust, Harvey ported heads and headers, dog-in-boot conversion!
335bhp 338ft/lb

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If you mean why is the torque figure so different from the power figure it's because the power figure is at higher revs than the other cars.

bhp = lbft x rpm / 5252

Check out peak torque and power figures for an F1 car. Silly revs makes lots of power with relatively low torque. The same goes for most bikes.

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rockabilly said:
hi kingsley. no mate the power. on the thor graph car made 519bhp @ the hubs. at well lane made 518 @ fly????.
looking at that thor dyno it looks like 446 at the hubs? which would work out about right for around 510-520 at the fly ;)

what hks turbos are you running? if there 2530s then 450-480 ATH is about right for them :)


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I thought that Mike but on the Thor printout the TCF is set to 1.00 which, if I remember right, is the compensation factor. At 1.00, it's not adding anything for transmission losses but simply reading out what it measured at the hubs.
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