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Long story short, bought these wheels in silver +12, but they were to low an offset, so swapped them for these +30 in Black/Red lip.

Then decided to sell my Stag, so I have new wheels and tyres for sale.

The wheels have done less than 20 miles and the tyres are brand new 255/35's as can be seen in the images. The gay looking red lip has been respayed black by me, which looks way better.
Please excuse the dust and dirt, as they've been sitting in the garage for 2 mths.

Wheels cost £836 new, and still do: POTN - If you are looking for an Rota GTR 18 x 9.5&quot Flat Black with red lip Set of 4 Wheels (Drift Series) click here Rota
Will sell for £700 alone

Tyres cost £300+
Will sell for £240 alone


I'll do the lot for £900
I'm in CR2.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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