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Guy's I know I need to run my RB30 in on mineral oil but can't find a post with a grade? If someone can please let me know i'll get some cheap crap sorted!

Also for running in I gather I need to get the engine up to temp quickly so as not to let it idle to long.. So I presume crank it over to get oil pressure then fire it up and have a quick check it's all okay with no leaks or funny noise then give it some throttle up to say 2000rpm for a few minuts to get it warmed up then take her for a drive for 20miles or so to get an initial bed in done? After that drop the oil and replace with new mineral oil and run it for another couple of hundred miles. Then replace the oil with some good synthetic stuff and do another couple of hundred then job done.. Replace the oil again at this point? Take it for a map and away we go!
Can I run it in on my Apexi self learn base map? Should I give it any boost or jam my wastegate open?
Lastly the car is not MOT'd or insured so driving it on the road is a no no! Once I have run it up to temp initially could I shut it down and trailer it to a track or airfield to get some miles on it? Or is there another option? I at least need to get 20miles or so on it before I MOT it I assume otherwise she will be sitting around idling to much when it's important not too.

Help please.
Thank you
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