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HI Guys

some help here please

so I have rebuilt my rb26 from scratch, flowed and ported head with Tomei poncam type-b

so first install with rc750cc injectors and Mine's mafs brings no joy, idle is rough afr erratic, i can lean the afr out completly and it would still run rich

replaced the mafs with old mafs and old injectors still the same problem

the car came with bov's that vent to atmosphere I have disconnected them they are not leaking at all when disconnected

when driving the car it hesitates alot but when turbo's start making neutral pressure 0bar the AFR starts to lean out then when on boost its start riching up like You would expect and it feels pretty solid on boost with no issues

any suggestions

could the cams perhaps be out to overlap and cause an issue like this?

Thanks hope somebody can shed some light
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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