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Japukmmets Santa pod meet

Hi all,

We have organized a Jap Santa pod meet this sunday, in the past these have been quite a sucess with 50+ cars from all groups meeting up. Details are as follows:

South Mimms by 8.30am
Toddington services to pick up more people 9.15am
Santa Pod just before 10am.

Even though its an early start, the convoy up there in the morning
is the best thing about the whole day with anything up 50 odd jap
motors convoying up the M1 !!(Showing ur boooooost is actively encouraged)

Also, the prices have gone up, its now £9 per person entry and
another £13 for unlimited runs.

Below is a link from gtir-chat, anyone thinking of going on track soon should defo watch it

cheers Lex
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