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here ya go

It happened on Jan.27, 2002 near village Tarbja, on small lake. There was icerally competition for enthusiats on one part of lake. This Subaru driver did not participate in the competition, he just ignored rules and went for the quick round to unmarked ice. Unfortunately there was open water in that area of lake in the morning and thin ice when it happened.

The Subaru was brand new STI with approx 200km in odo. The driver had crashed badly his last year edition WRX twice and he had received the STI just day before. Fortunately the driver is thin but tough man, so he has survived unharmed every time. This time he even didn't get wet.

For all the guys who want to use these pics on their web page ... feel free to do it :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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