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1998 V4 STI Type R, Silver
EJ257 Bottom end
Std V4 Heads, and valve gear
Motec M48pro (mapped by the dentist)
Walbro 255l/h fuel pump
SX Fuel Regulator
740cc Injectors
Parallel fuel rails
Gruppe S Headers, (wrapped)
Garrett GT30-R Turbo (wrapped)
Down pipe to suit turbo
Tial External Wastegate
c/w Screemer pipe
Blitz blow off valve
HKS Hyper Muffler Centre and Rear
Apexi AVC-R (limited edition black)
Knock link
Large K&N on Alloy Trumpet
Reversed Inlet manifold
Front Mount Intercooler
Helix Catch Tank

6 Speed Jap Spec close ratio Gearbox and 3.9 Rear Diff
Alcon racing alloy Flywheel
Helix Paddle Clutch c/w H/D pressure plate

Leda Coilovers
AP Racing 330 brake kit
Mintex racing pads

18" Oz Super T's with Toyo T1s Tyres (New)

STI/Lamco Boost Gauge
Digital Oil/water temp Guage

Sti 6 Rear wing
Splash guards
Front Spoiler
Quad lights
Crystal pack

Clifford Concept 300 Alarm,
Black Jack, stand alone
Rac Trackstar

Please PM me for more info.

Thanks! Jas.


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f*ckin hate scoobies, so why do i like this one soo much! :nervous:

Looks really nice mate, some nice touches there. PM me a rough price and power please.


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i thought this scooby looked familiar! its been my desktop pic for quite a while....cept you've got a black bonnet now....IMO it looks awesome..

good luck with the sale mate....

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By reversing the manifold, this means you've lost the aircon, correct? Is there anything else along these lines?

Also, what is the price please.

Where are you located.

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Think he is posting on Scoobynet at £13k though could be wrong.

Absolutely lovely car. Could break it and make more money back!
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