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The time has come to sell up, I have put tons of blood sweat and tears into this car until the point that is was perfect as it is now. Now I find myself unwilling to use the car in the way I want because it is too nice for my current needs.
I am much more inclined towards a race car now.

I am not really planning on selling it myself, I was planning to give it to a dealer to sell for me but I will wanted to gauge interest and see if I can sell it myself first. So it will only be available from me directly for a short while.

I'm putting the car up for 40,000 GBP, as it is a very rare perfect example.

So here are the details in brief, hopefully enough to catch your attention but I will have missed things:

The car is running 600HP.


- I have recently taken the car down to a bare chassis and completely
sealed the car (painted underside, stone chipped and wax oils).

- All metal work under the chassis has been powder coated (Subframes,
brace bars etc...).

- Engine bay was painted body colour.

- Stainless steel diffuser brackets.

- Aero catches fitted to the bonnet to allow the removal of the
original catch for airflow and to allow the fitment of aftermarket
electric fan.

- Xenon headlights.


- It has Nitron two way adjustable coil-overs fitted, upgraded with larger damper shafts.

- Front upper camber adjustable arms

- Read upper camber adjustable arms

- Whiteline anti rollbars front and back

- White rear subframe bushes and rear diff bushes

- HICAS lockout bar.


- HKS exhaust as fitted by Nissan Middlehurst with decat (I also have
CAT for MoT's).

Fuel system:

- All fuel lines including inside fuel tank are braided teflon lines, so
the system is capable of running methanol fuel. Two -6an feed lines
and one -6an return.

- Tomei intake fuel pump, used as a feed pump to the swirl pot.

- Fuel Swirl pot in boot.

- Two Bosch 004 fuel pumps.

- Tomei fuel rail.

- 1040cc 14 hole ASNU injectors, large enough to run methanol fuel.

- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.

- H-Bridge driver circuits to drive all fuel pumps with variable power by the ECU. This means that the pumps will never be heard above
the engine. At idle you have to put your head up against the pumps to hear them.


- Tomei 280 high lift cams

- Mildly ported head with bronze valve guides and HKS valve springs.

- Engine is a 2.8 strokes with Wossner 2.8 Pistons, 2.6 forged conrods, and a billet HKS 2.8 crank.

- Trust extended sump with additional crank case breathers on both sides

- Split fire coils

- RIPS Catch tank/washer bottle

- 2* Garrett 2860-5 turbos

- ARC induction box

- Trigger kit with ATI super damper

- Addition of a power steering fluid oil cooler

- Large HKS intercooler

- Addition of a engine oil thermostatic regulator

- Carbonetics carbon twin plate clutch.

Engine management:

- Syvecs S6 ECU running closed loop boost control, fuel control, knock control. I have an eight position cal switch and two additional switch for launch control and logging.

- Properly rewired engine loom with shielded cabling and updated coil
pack loom from Doluck.

- engine trips configured for engine oil pressure, temp and fuel pressure.

- All sensor are upgraded, oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure, L2H2
lambda, boost solenoid, map sensor.


- standard brembo calipers all round.

- Performance friction 01 compound pads all round.

- DBA T3 front discs.

- EBC rear discs.


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Oh my!! This is 1 amazing Machine, what injustice tho.. all that hard effort and work. Hell I would have driven it around and made use of it for you!! Oh and get some sexier photos up like the 1's you sent me, looks like you just selected any! ;)


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SHOCK! You really have lost interest .

Heart and soul has been put into this car.

Real shame you can't enjoy this beast a little longer.

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That's the spirit!! Total opposite to Poor Mike as he sold it as it was 2 good to use, I understand where he's coming from though.

Good call on wanting change the Rims, I would have done the same had it been my car. ;)

You going to do an R35 brake conversion then..?

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That's the plan ! I nearly part exchanged my old r33 gtst towards it but had a change of heart ! Wanted to keep it ! But now I'm trying to strike a deal to swap the car for wheels and breaks with jm
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