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Freshly overhauled engine RB26

Wössner piston 87mm with new piston rings
Manley connecting rod
Original RB26 crankshaft finely balanced and polished
Engine block 05U tested, drilled honed, deck removed, etc.

Complete King sputter bearing premium
Complete ARP bolts / nuts

Piston bottom spray nozzles cleaned and tested

Everything from a professional engine builder
No backyard tuning
Complete 4999 ***8364;

Trust GReddy Stroker Crankshaft 2,7l + 1500 ***8364;

Cylinder head with Tomei Poncams, intake manifold, oil pan with differential, injection, engine wiring harness, engine seal, head gasket, ignition coils, ignition, attachments, all belts, 2 good turbocharger + manifold, valve cover, timing belt cover, lambda probes, oil pump, water pump, engine control unit etc. around the engine completely to assemble + 2800 ***8364;

Assembled engine: 7999 ***8364; (then small deposit required)

I also have
1 Nismo 24U engine block new 4999 ***8364;
1 Nismo 24U engine block new with small optical defects 3999 ***8364;
1 Nismo 24U engine block 87mm used 1500 ***8364;
2 RB30 bottom end complete, used 1500 ***8364;
Various cylinder heads used and new RB26: from 500 ***8364;

All pick up prices in 38173 Erkerode Germany

Pallet shipping possible. Then the shipping is added.

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can you give me more info about RB30 bottom end complete, used 1500 ***8364;

I am on whatsApp +45 21427840

Mfg Søren
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