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Hi Guys.

Well this is my first thread but it is of a serious nature. I'm sorry if this has been covered before and I am just going over old ground but I feel this is serious enough to bring to General attention.

I have been told that the most common cause of oil pump failure is due to the front crank pulley being out of balance, and then high Revs (7000+).

Now how does the crank pulley get out of balance you might ask, Well if a garage does a cam belt for you and doesn't use a puller on the crank pulley but instead beats the c**p out of it with a lump hammer, Well you get the picture,

This happened to mine although it was not the last garage that changed the belt as i trust them 100% and know they used a puller. But the previous one just before i bought the vehicle did it the other way.

I only had it done straight away when i bought it as i never trust unknown garages to have done what they said. turns out they had but BADLY! :bawling:

Result, 11k engine rebuild and the pulley so out of balance the engine builder binned it and fitted another when balancing the crank assy. Hope this saves at least one engine as its to late for mine. Also if i am wrong about any of these comments please feel free to correct me. Thanks
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