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I'm looking at purchasing a skyline R32 GTR thats done 109Kms. As far as I can tell the cambelt hasn't been changed (seller has no evidence). Also none of the oils have been changed (except engine oil) The car sounds great and has 6bar oil pressure when cold and over 2bar hot at idle. Its a totaly standard car apart from a backbox. Still has 115mph limiter !

So I need some advice on what needs doing at this mileage and if possible a source for the parts or services. So far I have

1. Cambelt
2. engine oil
3. front diff oil
4. gearbox oil
5. rear diff oil
6. torque split (wet clutch) oil?? (does this use gear oil? or even have oil?)
7. filters (fuel, air and oil)

Have I missed anything?

Thanks in advance.

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mine needed clutch at 109kkm how is yours? best to get that sorted then do gearbox oil, transfer box oil, and actuator fluid as these will all need seeing to topping up etc after gearbox is put back in.
if its ok then all you will need is cambelt + tensioner (although ive never changed a tensioner it is recommended)
coolant (i drained mine and filled with full 5 litres neat antifreeze then topped up a little with water, prevents corosion)
brake fluid, recomend changed every 2 years due to fuid absorbing moisture
fuel filter
oil filter (would recomend relocation kit, ill be sodded if if replacing mine again without putting in a relocation kit, what a big pain in the **** to get to)
get auxilary belts aswell as these need to come off for the cambelt and will prob be perished.
could do clutch fluid aswel while you do brakes,
airfilter and while thats out clean the afm with brake and clutch cleaner mine was full o shite
transfer box uses auto transmision fluid
sorry it in a bit of a jumbled order just put down as i thought lol
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