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Mdf construction, with bevelled edges and recess for receiving the sub. This enabled it to be the largest possible box to fit the available space behind the stock panel so that it remains completely stealth.

The box is very well sealed and lined with some kind of dispersion foam which apparently increases the effective volume that the sub thinks it is operating in (don't understand the physics of that yet!).

Will bolt into stock locations and give a much more powerful and deeper bass than stock.

I am selling it as the amp I bought to make my front speakers active was too powerful for the speaker's 250w rms rating.

it's a very musical yet punch sub.

The sub I have replaced it with could not fit in the box as the surround protruded to far and caused it to strike the plastic cover. My resulting box is now smaller.

You will ultimately require an amp to run this.

£180 plus postage and packing.
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