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Silver Detailing Package

"The Protection Package"

Using this protective package makes cleaning your car afterwards simple!

The silver Package is a great place to start. With this package, you'll get the same fantastic service that you get from our Bronze package, but we also clay bar all paintwork to remove any contamination before applying a protective sealant to your vehicles paintwork. This protects your paint from nasty contaminants that the world throws at your vehicle and can last for up to a year before re-application is required.* Also we know you spend most of your time in your car rather than looking at it from the outside, so an interior clean is also included. Your interior and boot will be vacuumed, and your interior surfaces will be cleaned along with; glass (including mirrors), air vents, and door cards.
[We may require your vehicle for up to a maximum of 24 hours, but only in extreme circumstances.]

*(if used in conjunction with our bronze package at the recommended intervals. Not including extreme weather circumstances or extreme vehicle use.)

Cost: £80

£20 Extra for plus size vehicles.


Vans: Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Mercedes Sprinter ect

Pickups: Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Dodge Ram ect

4x4: Range Rover, Discovery, Mitsubishi Shogun ect

Vehicle rinsed using low pressure filtered water
Lower third sprayed with a non caustic citrus cleaner, and rinsed
Wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned by hand with a non caustic citrus degreaser
Wheels cleaned with a pH neutral wheel cleaner
Vehicle sprayed with a pH neutral snow foam, left to dwell and rinsed
Hand washed using a sheep wool mitt, with a pH neutral shampoo using 2 bucket method
Tar removed from vehicle
Hand dried using high quality, specialist, microfibre drying towels
Clay bar/clay sponge paintwork and glass to remove any contamination
Protective Sealant applied to paintwork
Interior glass cleaned
Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
Tyres cleaned and tyre dressing applied (satin finish)
Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards
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