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anyone whom has had a conversation with me will know about the silver R33 I use to own, and refer to - my ' racedog'.

Just found a picture and sentence/rating on my car at, (the silver one with carbon rear wing) - brings back memories, although they say it got 166 mph, BUT it was actually the fastest Skyline there and run 169 mph only beaten in the 4wd class by Martin Reylands Mondeo at 179mph!

Still brings a smile on my face after all this time, funny how you forget the problems/blowups/bits falling off/break downs and general ongoing everyday shite that a tuned Skyrocket brings:)

Just glad it has now turned full circle and I am now doing the same mods to my R34!, why are they so adictive?

Will we ever learn:D

Dirk Diggler
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