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Hi, my R33GTR is back for sale. The asking price is £16,485 ono and I’d consider a part ex for a similar spec R32GTR as long as it’s not white ( no offence to anyone with a white car it’s just not my choice ).

It's just had a full service by GT-Art and was MOT'd at the same time ( July 14th ).

The car was originally bought for Newera's engineer who looks after their UK workshop, to attend drag meets and track days. However, due to a lack of time his plans changed to a more sensible and practical Impreza STi Wagon and I bought the GTR.

Engine modifications:

• Apexi RX-6 Twin turbos
• In tank uprated fuel pump
• 680 cc HKS injectors
• Nismo fuel pressure regulator
• 264 inlet & 272 exhaust HKS camshafts
• Metal head gasket
• Trust V-SPL intercooler
• Trust / Greddy alloy induction pipes
• Trust Airinx twin induction kit
• Apexi Power FC ECU with hand held controller and boost controller module
• high flow equal length downpipes and full Stainless steel high performance exhaust system
• large capacity oil cooler (Located in the o/s opening of the bumper) with remote oil filter
• stainless steel oil catch tank incorporated with washer bottle
• double capacity stainless steel racing radiator
• Stainless steel radiator top hose
• ARC alloy radiator duct.
• Clutch is a Nismo twin plate unit ( only done 3,500 miles since new ).

The car's capable of making between 550 - 600 bhp, depending on boost settings. When it was at GT-ART it was producing 500bhp at 0.9 bar which I was more than happy with as I wanted reliability rather than max power. Having had the listening equipment on the engine GT-ART also believe the internals have been strengthened.

Suspension & Handling:

• Quantum coil-over fully adjustable units.
• Brembo F50 callipers and dics.
• HKS Kansai full mounted roll cage (trimmed in black foam) with stiffening struts extending to the front
• HICAS system has been removed and replacement bar fitted.
• Upgraded limited slip diff


• Uprated front bumper
• Wheels are Marquis Promoda superlight forged alloy with light weight alloy nuts, theres a slight kurbing on 2 of the wheels but otherwise condition is good.
• 4 brand new P6000 255/40/ZR17 tyres
• Headlights uprated to HID units
• Nismo “GT-R” carbon fibre end caps for rear spoiler
• Nismo clear side indicators


• Momo small diameter steering wheel
• Apexi power FC controller
• Handbrake and gear level gaiters have been upgraded to red stitched items.
• Roll cage

There’s pictures of everything at

The pictures on Newera’s website give a very clear indication of the current condition. The engine bay never was valetted so it’s exactly as in the photos. I’ve not made any modifications to the vehicle. I’ve not had it on a track or even dropped the clutch with a boot full of revs as I don’t see the point of putting the strain on the drivetrain. Every time I’ve driven the vehicle it’s been fully warmed up before hand and has also had at least 4 miles to cool before parking.

If you’re genuinely interested then drop me a PM or give me a call.


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I almost baught that one (have to think that the owner would then have been me and not you... :p )!

Was really not far away of doing it but but I then chose to go for a white one! ;)

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Doh, can't believe I missed the mileage off the advert ( escpecially as it really winds me up when dealers don't put it on their adverts !! )

It's done 31,500 or there abouts. I can provide the exact figure over the weekend but I know it clicked over to 31,000 on the way back from GT-Art and it's only been out a couple of times since.
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