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Hey Guys,

I am coming over to Silverstone in November (23 or 24 I think) to do a couple of races and get some more signatures on my race license. I am in a hurry to get 10 so I can race European endurance races (Perhaps 2002 - R34/24hr Ring!!! I am looking for two other drivers/sponsors you will need have participated in three races in the twelve months before ).

Mmm, I can dream. If not the R34 then maybe we can use Dave C's car? After all we would not be doing anything that Dave doesn't do a couple of times a year...

: )

Anyway back to November, initially I race in the Van Diemens I am thinking about entering my R34 (hopefully I still have it) in the open class in the morning. Before you get too excited the races take place on the Stowe circuit in the middle of Silverstone but it might be fun to watch if anyone is interested, I could also do with some technical/tools to help to pass mechanical inspection. Plus if I start losing places I might resort to British Touring Car practices.

Also if we can get a few guys it might be fun to get the whole Skyline solidarity thing going their as well...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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