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So I have a single occasionally knock from the front offside suspension. It only happens sometimes and is a single knock on pulling off from the lights. It seems to happen more if I come to quite an abrupt stop then pull off. It's faint and feels almost like to a ball joint thats clicking like a knuckle in your finger might click when you crack it I pull off. One knock then thats it. I know the shocks are cool cos they are feel fine and are practically new HKS Hipermax. I've also just had the ARB links replaced with Whiteline jobbies and the upper arm and tension rod bushes replaced on both sides with Nismo uprated items cos I thought one of these might be it. So I am now confused...what else could it be only on the drivers side only sometimes pulling off. After having all the bushes replaced should it concern me ??

Suggestions please ?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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