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I keep stock of the excellent Skinz product line which includes sound deadening sheets, panel liner for doors and wave diffusers for front speakers.

Clearly if you are installing high quality car audio, you would fit some of these products as a matter of course however, for those getting a little tired of your exhaust drone and want to take it down a notch, installing some of this will improve your cabin noise.

What drew me to using Skinz at first is just how thick it is. For example, Dynamat Xtreme is 1.7mm thick. Silent Coat is 2.0mm thick. Skinz Expert Sound Deadening is 3.0mm think and yet is easy to use with no need for hair dryers, heat guns and can be cut with scissors or a knife. Each time you lay down a sheet, its like laying down two Dynamat Xtreme sheets on top of one another. Self adhesive of course :)

Panel liner is a product which is sold in either 6mm or 10mm sheets and is installed on the door just before putting the door panel back on. It's like a memory foam which gets crushed in-between the panel and door creating a tight, rattle free fit.

These panel liner packs are sold in packs of 6 sheet (10mm) or 9 sheets (6mm) but this is way too much for the GTR's doors.

I split the 6mm packs up and create a front door sound deadening package for the GTR which consists of 3 sheets of panel liner (enough for 2 doors) and 10 sheets of the Skinz Expert 3mm sound deadening sheets. This allows you to cost effectively deaden your doors creating much nicer 'thud' on shutting and an improved quality to the doors sound.

If anyone would like to order any sound deadening material from me, for a limited time, I am offering free delivery for any quantity of these packs or kits to forum members.

A Skinz 27 sheet pack will do your rear seat base, rear firewall and behind the side panels above the rear wheel arches.

Just drop me a PM with your requirements.

Skinz Expert 27 sheets - 375mm x 265mm x 3mm (2.8sqm - 30sq.ft) - £99

Skinz Expert 7 Sheet - 375mm x 265mm x 3mm (0.72sqm - 7.8sq.ft) - £29

Skinz Front Door Sound Deadening Package (3 x 6mm Panel liner + 10 sheets of expert) - £69

Delivery - FREE :)


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I think the 27 sheet pack I bought was around 10KG but Andy would need to verify.

What I would say is mine has downpipes and exhaust that doesn't have a great deal of silencing and it was giving me tinnitus. I bought a 27 pack and put 18 sheets in the boot and it has made a vast difference.

I still intend to do the rear section of the cabin and ultimately door panels when doing speaker upgrades.

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Andy, sent you a PM for an order.

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