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Nissan Skyline GT-R R32
1992 - J-reg
wine red

Rb26dett - 2.6 twin turbo 24 valve twin cam - stock power is 300bhp @ 0.7bar.

4-wheel drive with 4-wheel steer a very cleaver system on these cars.

This one on the other hand was imported into the UK back in 2006 and has not really had any use.

when the person we got it from imported it, it stated the car was standerd but we have found the folling modifactions:

* Trust intercooler
* HKS pipes
* Greedy downpipes
* blitz boost controller
* HKS blowoff valves
* apexi Powerfc ECU
* 720cc denso injectors
* HKS adjustable cam pullys
* HKS camshafts race cams
* K&N MS twin induction
* HKS exhaust system
* uprated suspention (unknown make)
* 17" gold RAYS alloy wheels
* Razo racing pedle covers

This was taken down too Perfect touch too be dyno`ed and made 450bhp @ 0.7bar of boost.

But was told by perfect touch this has not yet been properly mapped its ok on the std boost but if you want too run up to the 1bar off boost the turbos are capible of you would need too have the ecu mapped to suit, but due too not being mapped it does over fuel a bit this is ok too use but would recommend you get it mapped at some point in the near future.

we are unsure if the engine has uprated internals as well as the turbos having uprated steel internals as we would have too strip down then engine too find this out,

Theres no signs or rust or rot any were!!

MOT - 25th june 2010
Tax - 31st December 2009

As you can see from the pictures this is a very tidy example.
Please keep in mind this is a 18yr old car but is very clean for its age.

bad bits - as every car has them (CAN BE SEEN IN PICTURES):
There are a few tiny scuffs on the front and rear bumpers
Tiny dent by the fuel cover
Steering wheel could do with replacing as is quite tatty looking.
Rear lights could do with a re-paint (laqure peeling)
lower spoiler could do with replacing.
Rear window could do with being re-tinted as some one did a poor job on it.
Rev counter and oil gauge not working (common fault on the R32)

This has just had the following work done june 2009:
new paddle clutch
new upper link
new ring stopper & ring snap
new clutch bearing
new tyre
new battery

ALso had done in 2008 :
Rebuilt gearbox
new water pump
New cambelt
new cambelt tensioners

we have just:
Changed the oil filter & oil
Done a compression test too check engines condtion of witch it very good at around 155psi on each cylinder! (makes us think it has uprated pistons ect.)

Also has:

* Cat 1 alarm & immbolizer with certificate.
* All the Registration and import documents
* Millage declaration from DVLA for km to mph converter.
* loads of paper work including all old mots and genuwin nissan skyline hand book.

£6500 ONO

Feel free too ask any questions.

Veiwing is welcome.

Car is loacted in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire viewing by appoinment.

Feel free too email me Direct: [email protected]

Or Text or Call me: 07946-808843
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