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Hi Guys clearing out the shed so if any of the following parts are useful to you just let me know.

Set of R33 GTR Shockers fine apart from Rear P/S is leaking slightly. £40 +P&P

R33 R34 Indicators £7 +P&P

R32/R33/R34 "Red" Air Flow Meters came spare with car but never used. £40 +P&P

Set of newish (50 Miles) Front Pads For Brembo Calipers. £20 +P&P

R33 GTR speedo Clocks, Works fine apart from speedo drive is gone all other units fine. £20 +P&P

HKS Turbo Timer With Loom, never had a chance to fit as sold car shortly after. £30 +P&P

Thanks For looking. :smokin:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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