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Now I build engine.Many question***8217;s in processing building.Sorry my bad English
Crankshaft new n1 std .
Oil pump n1
Rings wiseco 8750 xx
Pistons wiseco 87,5
Acl h series
Gasket cometic 88 Mm
I will specify all values in mm

Measured the gap on crankshaft witch Plasticgage 0.038 mm
Rod gap to 0.038 mm
In manual gap 0,028-0,040
I think this good gap for 700 hp

Now have problem witch rings gap
In wesico have Manual formula
In manual Nissan 1 st ring 0.24 ,0,34
2 nd 0.42-0,57
Oil rings 0.20 0,60
Wesico have formula.
Depending on what I build Engine hp.
In wesico formula( in ) 4.0***8226;0,004***8221;=0,16
I don***8217;t understand ,I must translate this formula,or this formula only ATV MOTO?!Please tell me


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